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Save Our Home!

If you are a homeowner who is either behind on a mortgage, or at risk of losing your home and is wanting to keep it. This program was created for you!!

With this program, we can help save your home
by using your home as security.

Bad Credit? No Problem!!

We have your credit repaired between 21-30 Days

Our Credit Repair Specialist will repair your credit fast to prepare you for a refinance or mortgage approval (Whichever is applicable)

How the program works

An Investor will bring your home current by paying the defaulted amount saving your home while we position you to be able to refinance to pay back said investor through your home’s equity.

Program Guidelines:

For a successful working Relationship & for us to help you

  • The program is a 4-12 Month Program (With no prepayment penalty)
  • Owner must refinance or sell within 12 months to repay investor back money borrowed
  • Owner must stay current on mortgage during program duration. 
  • Owner must provide proof of paid mortgage statement monthly 
  • Owner and Investor can make any separate arrangements to ensure that the mortgage payments are made on time for 4-12 consecutive months (to be Eligible for Refinance) 
  • Owner must complete a full loan application upfront to see if eligible for program
  • Owner must be employed (Job must be in good standing) 
  • Owner must provide all requested docs lender requires in a timely manor
  • Owner must join $500 credit repair program (Can be negotiated into transaction)
  • Owner must maintain good credit once obtained.
  • Owner must follow rules and conform to program guidelines.
  • Owner must pay Investor 8% monthly on money borrowed (Paid at time of Refinance)  Owner must have a minimum of 20% equity in home (Examples Below)


Example: Home is worth $375,000 

  • Must owe $300,000 or less

Example: Default amount $15,000          

  • Investor pays $15,000 default amount and receives 8% return on money invested monthly ($1,200 monthly) This is paid at time of refinance or sell

Owner and investor can also opt for the Investor to buy the home all cash for the remaining balance owed to lender. This would be likened to a refinance with the owner paying the investor back money borrowed plus fees at time of buy back. Owner will then pay rent in most cases market rent for the area (Rental amount is negotiable). You will then sign a 12-24 month buy back agreement.


Remember this program was created for you and with you in mind, so we are here to discuss any and all options to help you reach a resolution.

For more information please complete the form below and one of our S.O.S Home specialist will reach out to you shortly