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Private Mortgage Insurance and Mortgage Insurance Premiums Explained

Private Mortgage Insurance and Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Being a novice in the Real Estate Business, are you thinking of buying your very first property? As a first-time buyer, you must be acquainted with all the essential terms of Real Estate, including Down Payment, Mortgage, Mortgage…

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How to Sell & Buy a Home Simultaneously in California

Buy and Sell Home in California

First do some planning, outline your true intentions for wanting to sell your home, be sure that those intentions make since, and decide what your next move will be. Rather to rent, purchase or move in with a…

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Can I Use The Leftover Money From My Loan? – Answer

Can I Use The Leftover Money

The question of the leftover loan money usually arises in the minds of those who get a pre-approval on their Mortgage Loan. But, before that, one should know the significance of Pre-approved loan, and how to use it…

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ABC’s of Qualifying for A Home Loan in California

Qualifying for a Home Loan in California

Hello reader, this blog post will help you better understand the mortgage loan process and what will, and what may be required from you before and during the loan process when purchasing a home. First thing to understand…

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5 Smart Ways to Save Money for a House

Smart Ways to Save

Buying a home is one of the most significant milestones for most Americans, and it is usually the most significant purchase many of us make. The main obstacle that hinders people from fulfilling this milestone is the amount…

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10 Tips to Finding the Best Realtor in California

Brokering, Settling, Negotiating. Do these words ring a bell to a specific profession? We know what you’re thinking! REALTORS to the rescue! In the property business, these are the people you’ll be needing. But why? Because of their…

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